[ Art & Culture ] 31 Jan, 2018


Oysho launches its new Metals collection

Taking its inspiration from metalworking, the new Oysho Gymwear collection, Metals, combines textures, colours and shapes as if it were a physical process.

This collection, as lively as it is colourful, opts for innovation in its fabrics and patterns, providing the maximum amount of comfort during exercise. Seamless patterns, high and super high waists along with compressed waistbands perfectly adapt to the female body, accentuating its natural shape.



Taking centre stage amongst the new proposals for this season are the outerwear garments, such as the bomber jacket in shimmery fabric, the metallic parka and biker-style leggings, as they’re perfect for bringing the sporty look out onto the street. The tops continue to gain prominence, as they adapt to the body’s movements with different materials and levels of support, depending on the needs of each individual woman.

Oysho pays special attention to technical development, without laying aside the colour trend, launching an innovative range of colours that include the more original hues of burgundy, burnt orange and different shades of metallic pink and olive green.




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